What Is Stock Drag Racing?

Forget about F1, Super Stock Drag Racing is where it’s at with standard passenger cars turned into awesome modified racing machines with spectacular power. To turn your basic sedan or vintage car into a proper Super Stock Drag racer will require some engineering expertise whilst abiding by the rules. The car must retain the original engine block, cylinder heads and carburetor and all entrants are classified and given a handicap based on their capabilities.

The objective in this kind of racing, as in any other form of Drag Racing is to be the first over the finish line. Most races take place with just two vehicles, one against the other in a flatout race in a straight line over a very short distance. Most races are over just ¼ mile or even as little as 1/8th of a mile.

Drag Racing has been a popular sport throughout the 20th century and continues to be so to this day. There are both examples of legal races and illegal racing taking place off the beaten track with special invites for those who want to watch.

Races are now timed electronically to decide on a winner even in the closest of contests. Punters enjoying the day out can get in on the action by placing bets with roadside bookmakers, or even place a wager online at some gambling sites in Canada.



Racing Organisations in North America

Drag Racing is a national sport with a huge following in North America. Two organisations run the majority of the events. The National Hot Rod Association and the International Hot Rod Association both provide listings of the latest upcoming events. For electric car enthusiasts there is the National Electric Drag Racing Association. Electric Drag Racing is taking off and the record for a ¼ mile race is just 6.940s.


How Does Drag Racing Work?

Before the race starts, each competitor performs what is known as a Burn Out in which the tires are heated to provide traction for the start of the race. Then an elaborate Christmas Tree lighting system is used to count down to the start of the race. Each driver must wait for the green light to be illuminated before they can start, or else they are disqualified.





Race Times

For traditional racing the best ever time recorded was 3.58 seconds for a car called Vanishing Point, built and raced in the 1980s by Sammy Miller.


Drag Racing Classes

Super Stock Drag Racing is just one class of this popular racing sport. There are many others. Here are some of the best known that you can check out online and in real life.

Top Fuel Dragsters – this class of vehicle is the fastest you will find anywhere. They will complete a course in under 4 seconds regularly and achieve speeds of up to 330 mph.

Pro Stock – these are recognisable because they look more like traditional passenger cars, but thanks to modfications can still cover the ¼ mile track in under 6 seconds.

Sport Front Wheel Drive – this class is only for front wheel drive cars. All these cars look almost exactly like a standard family car, typically a Honda Civic. To quality, the vehicle must retain its entire original chassis, whilst all 4 breaks must be kept. Parachutes are permitted on this type of car and overall weight must be a minimum of 1,000kg.

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